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I am so excited to be writing my first ever blog post (yeeeeee).

Originally, I didn't think I would ever start an Instagram led alone a BLOG, but I am so happy my Instagram path has taken me in this direction. My Instagram posts don't allow me to really get in depth with my nutrition tips, recipes, and lifestyle posts so I am really excited to have a platform to do that with!

Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Jackie and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). I completed my undergraduate schooling at the University of Rhode Island (URI), my dietetic internship at Sodexo Dietetic Internships, and my Masters in Dietetics simultaneously with my internship at URI. Currently, I am work as a Clinical Dietitian at a hospital near and dear to me that I volunteered for years at when I was younger and ironically was born at as well. I literally LOVE the field that I'm in and I am so ready to take on the worlds crippling nutrition problem (ehhem cue tagline..... one bite at a time.... kinda catchy right?). As a dietitian I feel so enthused and humbled to be able to have an impact on others' health and wellness.

Opening a private practice has been an aspiration of mine for a LONG time. My father has his own dental practice for about 40 years now and being able to view what it was like growing up to have a dad who made a living for himself really influenced the direction I wanted to go with my field. I am excited to share with you all the beginnings of a working practice!!

So what exactly got me into this field? The answer is simple. My childhood. It sounds so cliché, but hey its the truth. Do you know any other 3 year olds having capers as a finger food? Didn't think so. And to tell you the truth neither had my family either. My sister used to ask my mom where I came from. In elementary school I made my mom bring a veggie and fruit platter to every class party because I hated (I might be an alien..idk) all of the sugary options. Ask me now if I like brownies and sugary options. The answer is YES. Haha. Although if that carried into my adulthood I wouldn't complain. Anyway, I was always so used to taking "weird" lunches with vegetables my classmates hadn't even heard of (apparently no other 13 year old enjoyed radishes with dressing.... who knew!). I realized that so many kids around me were almost embarrassed to take anything but the stereotypical lunch. It was then when I realized that maybe this was all foreshadowing for what I wanted to do in life, but these were all premature thoughts.

With both parents in the medical field I always knew I loved to help within healthcare, but knew I wasn't cut out for handling anything too gruesome. Unfortunately, if you want to become a doctor, nurse, or PA you kinda have to be good with all of that and dealing with that definitely deterred me. It wasn't until I started (unknowingly) helping the people I cared about with developing better eating habits where I realized this was EXACTLY what I wanted to do. It's not just about eating better it's about developing a healthy relationship with food. Something many struggle with. It's difficult to get away from the black and white thinking and invite more of a gray area with food. Being able to enjoy both vegetables and desserts and not having to eliminate anything from your life. That's what I'm all about. I want everyone to rediscover food. Real. Whole. Nourishing food. I hope you enjoy this blog as a resource for reputable nutrition information, yummy recipes, nutrition tips, and much more!

Talk to you all very soon,



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