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Meet The Rite Bite RD's - Kim Manfried, RDN, CDN

When I look back, I’m not quite sure how all this time has passed, a sentiment I know many people share. I didn’t start out my career path in nutrition, but I have always had a passion and interest for it and the surrounding issues about health and wellness.

It started early on, I worked for a few beauty and cosmetic companies and quickly realized the connection with inner and outer beauty and good health. I was always researching information for the latest health and beauty products, along with experimenting with friends and family, about foods and what we should be eating. I must say, it was a couple (well more than a couple) of years ago when this all started. No quick google search or an internet to look up this information back then, it was old school trial and error and sharing with people about what worked and what didn’t. I always kept this interest and then moved on to graduate with my first degree in business, where I worked with a variety of companies and people. It was here where I learned many things about retail and products, but something was missing.

I found myself, starting out on another path, I got married and had two amazing daughters, (they’re still amazing!) and another chapter was beginning. I spent time at home when they were little, but I continued to research the latest in the beauty and food industries. I always enjoyed a balance with home-life, working and meeting new people, so I went back part time. Back to jobs I had in the past, for about 8 years while raising my girls.

During these years I seemed to be the “go-to person” with family and friends, for what to eat and reading labels, so I began researching career paths that matched my interests for nutrition and found “how to become a dietitian”. I applied to local colleges and got accepted into the nutrition program at the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University. It took some time (years) with undergraduate classes and a family and then an almost year dietetic internship, to passing the RD national board exam, to finally say…….”I’m a dietitian”!

My main focus after the internship was in clinical nutrition, where I worked in the hospital setting. This foundation was very important to me, and still is, as it prepared me for counseling the various clients I work with today. I pride myself in being a caring and compassionate person, and I enjoy working with my clients and getting to know not just about them, but their past and current medical history. I not only have an interest in this, but I have the experience and knowledge about many disease states.

My clinical foundation then took me to working with many clients in the outpatient clinical setting for almost 9 years. I have always enjoyed working in the outpatient setting and still do, which has led me to now, working for private practice.

I get to meet and work with so many wonderful people - I love helping people. I enjoy getting to know all of you and what is most important to you and your needs on your wellness journey. I have been asked “who are my favorite clients”?, my response……..all of you! I have experience with many issues such as diabetes, weight management, cholesterol, thyroid, to name a few. I enjoy bringing my expertise and my love of the field, to all clients I meet.

On another personal note, I love to spend time with my girls. We find many adventures no matter if it’s at home watching a movie or out and about at a thrift store or around town. I love to be with family and friends. I enjoy reading, mainly when the weather permits, on the beach and we love to look up new scenic places on the Island to walk. I also, love to shop at bookstores on the island, all topics, not just nutrition. I do cook, but not in an elaborate way. I would love to have a personal chef because I’m good at planning and shopping for the meal, but not spending too much time in the kitchen. One of my go-to favorite recipes to make, eat, and recommend are one pot meals. A few times a week I take whatever protein I feel like having (chicken, turkey or shrimp) and cook it up with a bunch of seasonings and spices and then take a bunch of any veggies I feel like, fresh or frozen and same thing, any seasoning I feel like, and put them together and voila! Delicious and easy. So when you meet with me we can discuss ideas for snacks and meals and whatever else is important to you!

I hope this gives you a picture of who I am and how I can help you. I look forward to continuing to work with my current clients and meeting new clients too!

Stay well!

- Kim

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