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You and Your 2019 Wellness Goals | How We Can Help

Happy New Year from The Rite Bite Nutrition Counseling! We are starting off 2019 here with a bang! We have an influx of new patients, new goals, and a fresh start to the year.

While you're sitting there and reading this....let's do an exercise. Let's practice some self reflection for a second. Ask yourself this: How many years in a row have you started a nutrition/wellness related goal and haven't followed through? If you're shaking your head ferociously in agreement then you are not alone.

Actually, did you know that 95% of diets fail? Yup. That's right. 95%. We promise it's not you, it's the vicious diet industry that's frankly outdated and using catchy sales-y gimmicks that provide a false sense of hope in order to get a few bucks from the consumer. (We've all been there and fallen into that trap)

We felt today (January 11th) was quite fitting to talk about this as today is actually "Quitters Day." That means that everyone who started to turn over a new leaf actually decided it's too much effort to keep turning over their new leaf starting today. It's shocking, but actually research states that most people aren't able stick to their New Year resolutions for more than 11 days.


So how can seeing a dietitian help you with your nutrition-related goals? Well see for yourself below. We've created a list of the Top 5 Reasons Why Seeing Us Will Be More Beneficial than what you've tried in the past. Hope you like lists as much as we do!

1. As Registered Dietitian Nutritionist's we are healthcare practitioners which means that our license is on the line if we are practicing anything that is not evidence-based. What that basically means is we operate off of clinical trials, large bodies of evidence, and clinical judgement (AKA science) and what is proven to work LONG TERM.

2. As we stated above we are a long-term solution so to be honest.... we are not a quick fix option, we are not here to sell you anything, and we do not promote quick and unhealthy weight loss. If you are looking for this, look elsewhere but be aware that these type of quick fix fad diets are NOT long-term solutions and this is where that 95% of diets fail thing comes into play. You will probably lose the weight, but you will probably also gain it back with those options.

3. We use SMART goals in order to help patients meet their short-term and long-term wellness goals. This means that we develop goals with your input that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific.

4. Fad diets are impersonal, restrictive, and made for you to fit the diet (hence why they don't work). Nutrition counseling with a dietitian is individualized, inclusive, mindful, and made with you to fit your unique life.* We are proud to say no patient of ours has the same goals, meal plans, and nutritional care plans. We are not all alike which means our nutrition goals shouldn't be either.

*NOTE: dietitian's are not magical beings. We cannot wave our magical wand and have all your nutrition needs fixed overnight. This is a process. The patients who see the process through and start implementing changes are the one's that see the greatest amount of success. Deciding your ready is the first step towards change. Like we say: "It's our job to give you the tools. It's your job to give 100% effort. Together we'll be unstoppable."

5. Health Care Reform has had a positive impact on many preventative wellness services such as nutrition counseling. As a result, your health insurance may cover the ENTIRE COST for your visits with us and 9/10 times you don't need a medical diagnosis to be covered. Say bye, bye to those expensive cleanses, detox-teas, or other silly non-evidence based wastes of money.

So there you go. Take action today and show "Quitters Day" who's boss! We want the best for our patients and we're here to cheer you all on and provide you with nutrition information that's sound and factual.

If you aren't already a patient, but are interested in learning more about how the process works, you can book your FREE 15 Minute Nutrition Consultation here online with us today. You can also We'll talk about what your goals are and if you have health insurance we'd be happy to check your benefits for nutrition counseling.

Wishing you all a great weekend and a fresh new start to an amazing year ahead!

Until Next Time,

Jackie | CEO and Founder

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