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Our Practice is Still Open.... Online!

ATTN PATIENTS: Appointments to Move to Telehealth/Virtual - UPDATE 3/15/20

Due to these unfortunate circumstances and in efforts to keep the rite bite staff and our patients safe, we have decided to suspend all in-person appointments and shift all sessions held with both myself and Kim to Telehealth (virtual) for appointments until further notice starting Monday 3/16. 

This has been a difficult decision to make because we deeply value the opportunity to meet with you in a shared space whenever possible. Here at The Rite Bite Nutrition Counseling, we also feel that it is our social responsibility to help the community in slowing the spread of this virus, protecting our more vulnerable populations, and supporting the medical and public health community in safely managing this situation.

We understand this is a difficult time for many differing reasons and want all of our existing patients as well as new patients know that we are here to provide continued exceptional nutritional care and support whether that be managing weight or maintaining healthy lab values (such as blood sugars) to decrease any added risk factors.


It has been communicated to us that due to COVID-19, Telehealth visits (including nutrition counseling) will be covered by insurance companies. However, we do encourage you to take additional action and confirm this with your insurance company prior to your Telehealth visit. 

If you are unable to meet via Telehealth platform for any reason please reach out so we can create and alternative plan. If we are already seeing you via Telehealth then nothing will change for you, but I did want you to make sure you were in the loop on this overall change. 

Kim and I have prepared additional educational materials during this time such as healthy eating during a quarantine, at-home physical activity resources, and immunity supporting nutrition/supplements. 


Yes! In fact for some, this has been an excellent time to start their wellness journey. The Rite Bite Nutrition Counseling is offering virtual appointments and would be happy to schedule you for an initial consultation with one of our dietitians on our easy to use, HIPAA compliant, online platform. Once we resume in-person sessions, you are welcome to continue counseling with your dietitian and meet in-person in our beautiful office in Miller Place, NY.   

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