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8 Tips For a Healthy Family Halloween

For parents, it's not the ghosts, ghouls, witches, and bats that are the scariest part of Halloween. It's more like this: snickers, skittles, and reeses oh my! The larger that bag, the larger your waist! Amiright? So here's 8 tips to make your family's halloween on the healthier side!

1. Buy treats the day of halloween to reduce snacking

Ever buy a second bag because you bought the bag of candy too early?! You're not alone. Save your money and your waist line! If having a bowl of candy is a trigger for you, try to stall and buy your candy at the last minute. The only time I recommend procrastination!

2. Buy your least favorite candy to hand out to your trick or treaters

Piggybacking off the last one, typically the least desirable candy is left at the last minute so it's a win win! Try buying something you don't really enjoy so you're less apt to over indulge!

3. Hand out non-food treats

Halloween erasers/pencil toppers, pencils, pens, glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, bubbles, bouncy balls, etc. (helloooo there

4. Get creative with party snacks

Pinterest can be your best friend when finding cute + nutritious party snacks. For some ideas check out these recipes from Greatist and Skinnytaste:

Mummy pizzas

5. Serve a healthy filling dinner before leaving

Make sure theres plenty of lean protein, fiber, and healthy fats to fill up the family before leaving! This will keep energy levels sustained.

6. Promote physical activity while trick or treating

Play tag with your kids, have your kids race to the door, bring some silly string! Encourage movement and don't be too "stiff" to join in on the fun too! After all, it is halloween... live a little!

7. Store treats from the evening in an out-of-sight location

Sometimes candy is just hard to not be impulsive with, especially if it's right under our nose all day everyday! Store it in a location that's out-of-sight so it's not a constant reminder. But by all means... If you want a piece of candy go ahead! This trick is just so you're not finding yourself mindlessly snacking on 10-20 pieces of candy at a time.

8. Don't restrict treats, use intuitive eating practices and enjoy them!

Again, related to #5, restriction just causes a poor mindset surrounding food. The more your restrict and deny your body of it's (normal) cravings the faster you'll find yourself throwing in the towel, sitting in front of the TV with the bowl of candy. Instead, focus on intuitive eating practices. If you want a piece of candy... have it. While you're having it focus on the positives of how yummy it is and feel the satisfaction with accepting the fact that it's OK to have these foods as well. We tend to over-indulge when we're coming from a place of restriction. So remember, enjoy them along with your regular eating habits. One piece of candy is NOT going to make you gain weight. I promise candy isn't that powerful.

Hope these tips help! Have a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween!

Until Next Time,

xx Jackie

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