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Feeling sluggish and in need of a change? Feel like your body is running off of poor fuel (i.e. refined carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, etc.)? Although having those items here and there aren't a major biggie, it may be seriously slowing you down and contributing to some inflammation if you are incorporating these foods in excess daily. 


This 5 Day Reset is exactly what you may need to nourish your body and get you back on the path of eating real, whole, minimally processed foods. Our body already comes equipped with a robust detoxification system (kidneys, liver, etc.), which is why we developed this plan to help support your body in these important pathways. 


We have curated meals that incorporate fiber rich days (~ 33 g per day) to support bowel regularity, cruciferous vegetables that support detoxification pathways (i.e. broccoli, brussels), antioxidant rich foods (i.e. berries, garlic, onions), adequate amounts of lean protein (maintains optimum levels of glutathione our body's master detox enzyme), and fermented foods (i.e. yogurt) to help promote a healthy gut microbiome. 


Remember to have fun with it! This is not meant to be a seriously strict regimen. Stay mindful and listen to your body's cues. 


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